For us quality is in the foreground! We work on our projects with passion and a project is only finished when it is perfect. IT products are usually complex, but are also extremely relevant to everything around us - so it's worth the effort!

We support the open source community because we use a lot of open source software in our products and therefore feel obliged to give something back.

“The only thing that matters in software is the experience of the user.”

Ryan Dahl

What's important to us

Icon für Technologie und Innovation
Innovation and passion

The future can come! We are prepared. We want to try out new things and learn the unknown. Standing still is out of the question for us.

Icon für Natur und Nachhaltigkeit

We want to show that digitization and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Protecting our planet and developing software with foresight is a fundamental principle for us.

Icon für Souveränität
Digital sovereignty

The digital sovereignty of each individual is a cornerstone of a democratic digitalized world. We place the highest demands on ourselves and our work to protect the security and privacy of the data entrusted to us. In doing so, we follow the principle that the less data the better.


Digitalization plays a primary role in all areas of life and we want to be a part of this future. We are students from Bonn who are passionate about exploring modern technologies and thinking big. We want to make a difference and provide people with sustainable products that solve real problems.

Sebastian Kawelke, CEO
Sebastian Kawelke

CEO & Co-Founder

Tim Bastin, CTO
Tim Bastin

CTO & Co-Founder

Frederic Noppe, CSO
Frédéric Noppe



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With Neuland@Homeland GmbH we have a sustainable, honest and reliable partner at our side.
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