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The world of information technology is a distant construct for many. We want to make this construct tangible! l3montree supports you in your digitization projects by developing customized and secure software, user-friendly design and consulting in all matters related to IT.

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Software solutions based on the latest technologies are our specialty. Mobile apps, websites, progressive web apps or classic desktop applications are created with us from conception to final release. Quality assurance based on CI/CD cycles and software testing are always part of our work.

StampLab App Dashboard auf einem iPhone

Mobile App


We develop apps for the mobile operating systems Android, iOS and iPadOS with high demands on us and our used technologies. We prefer to use the technologies React, React Native, TypeScript and JavaScript. As soon as an application gains in complexity, sooner or later a backend becomes necessary - in this case we work full-stack.

Serverracks für Cloud Computing

Hosting & Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is no longer a buzzword! Without highly available and secure hosting and cloud environments, there would be a lack of infrastructure for modern, scalable applications. Based on Kubernetes, an open source platform for coordinating workloads in production operations on a large scale, we provide your and our applications.

Webapp mein-wartezimmer.de als Screenshots auf MacBooks

Webapps & Websites

We always use the latest technologies, e.g. based on Node.js and Next.js we develop your website, implement your concept of a Progressive Web App or link your website with a CMS like Strapi.

Hochkannt ausgerichtete Bildschirme mit Code und Graphen

Server Programming

A high-quality and high-performance backend is the foundation of any successful application. We develop cloud ready for Docker/ Kubernetes environments and we trim the performance of your application to peak performance.


In software, user experience and design make the difference between success and failure. Whether we develop your product or one of our own, UI and UX are the focus every step of the way.

Adobe XD für eine Webseite

Desktop/ Mobile With personal touch

The first impression counts - also for your customers - so it should blow them away or? When we develop software with you, we naturally like to fall back on proven design kits, but we are also happy to create a personal, customized design.

Gemalte Ideen zu einer Webseite auf einem iPad

Stylish Concepts

Before every great application is the idea and a conceptual design of this. We are happy to sit down with you and go through the steps from a piece of paper, to a mock-up/prototype, to the actual implementation.


If you need support with your projects, then we are your partner. We are happy to help you with anything IT-related - with problems in software development or conceptual design, with infrastructure planning, with security issues or with basic questions. And because we love to share our IT knowledge, we are also available for training.

Datenschutz und IT-Sicherheit der StampLab App

Data-Protection & Security

Data protection and security are two core issues of any IT project and must be considered from the very beginning. We place the highest demands on ourselves and our work to protect the security and privacy of the data entrusted to us.

Personen in einem Technologie cyber Meeting

Workshops & Training

To learn knowledge in topics of computer science and to continuously educate yourself is a must. We will be happy to organize a training course or a practical training for your employees. Since we want to bring everyone closer to IT, it does not matter what level the participants are at - we are just as happy to organize introductory workshops as technically specific workshops.

LAN Kabel in einer Netzwerk-Unterverteilung

Architecture & Infrastructure

Are you currently setting up the IT infrastructure in your organization? We are happy to support you in the architectural planning and in the considerations for the economically sensible design.

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