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For us quality is in the foreground!

We work on our projects with passion and a project is only finished when it is perfect. IT products are usually complex, but are also extremely relevant to everything around us - so it's worth the effort!

We support the open source community because we use a lot of open source software in our products and therefore feel obliged to give something back.

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With StampLab you can easily create shift schedules. In just 5 steps your schedule is ready. You save time, you can export your schedules or the working hours of your employees. You can create tasks, conduct surveys and much more. StampLab is, in short, a simple and intuitive tool to take your workplace organization to the next level together with your team!

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HelpMePls Backup & Recovery

A backup and recovery tool for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Encrypts and compresses the data, leaving it safe and space-saving for emergency storage.

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CryptoKois are artistic, unique, collectible digital koi fish. They are made possible by the combination of art and technology: our smart contract and the Polygon blockchain (layer-2 blockchain of Ethereum).

Crypto-Koi is open-source: View on GitHub


"Talk is cheap. Show me the code."

Linus Torvalds


In spring 2020, the German government set the task of solving challenges from society, triggered by the Corona crisis, as part of the #WirVsVirusHackathon. We worked with our team on the challenge of minimizing the risk of infection in doctors' offices - after 48h, the tool was born.

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On the initiative of our partner, Neuland@Homeland GmbH, we have started to create an open and free generator for X-invoices under GPLv3 license. According to the decision of the IT Planning Council on June 22, 2017, X-invoices are crucial for the implementation of Directive 2014/55/EU in Germany and many public bodies in Germany will only accept such X-invoices in the future. This generator tries to implement the specifications of the directive in a simple and open way.

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Authorization Server

A server for authorization which works with tokens based on private-public key mechanisms.

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Media Server

A server written in Typescript to download files and media and make them statically available on the web.

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RabbitMQ REST Mail-Server

A mail server or sender that can be called from RabbitMQ. A REST API for sending emails over HTTP is also integrated.

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